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February 01, 2015

UPDATE: 2015 scholarship winners have been chosen!  Stay tuned for announcements about our 2015 winners!

Good luck potential scholarship candidates! Before you begin filling out either the CRI Student Scholarship Application or the CRI Teacher Scholarship Application online, please note the following:

2015 CRI Student Scholarship Application

  • This year’s student scholarship is for a senior graduating from Proviso East High School who plans to pursue secondary education.
  • The application asks three essay questions.
  • In addition to the application, a transcript and a letter of recommendation must be submitted. Digital scans or files of those documents should be attached and sent to CRI in one e-mail  message by February 1, 2015 for your entry to be considered complete.
  • Only student candidates with a G.P.A. greater than or equal to a 2.7 (C+) will be considered, as shown by the transcript.

2015 CRI Teacher Scholarship Application

  • The recipient of the teacher scholarship will be from Proviso East High School. We will expand to other schools in west suburban Chicago in future years.
  • The application will ask for the estimated cost of each classroom item requested, as well as three essay questions.
  • The application is due by February 1, 2015. Applicants that reach a second round of evaluation will be contacted and asked to provide a brief video of a lesson.

IMPORTANT: Neither online application includes a “save” option. You will be unable to partially-fill out the application and come back to it later to finish. It is advisable that you are prepared to complete the entire application when you begin.

Click on either of the following images to start completing your application

2015 Student Application         2015 Teacher Application


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