About Our Scholarships

Common Roots Initiative has awarded about $6,000 in scholarships to Proviso East High School (PEHS) teachers and $4,000 to the school's students. Previous teacher recipients include U.S. National Teachers Hall of Fame inductee Glenn Lid, as well as Edward Beidas, Ashley Glickman, Alexander Aschoff, Manuel Almazan and Daphne Hill. CRI’s funding outreach will expand to other west suburban high schools in the future, dependent on donor & volunteer support.

Recently, CRI has embarked upon a new mission of delivering opportunities that will inspire under-resourced high school youth and their teachers to courageously create fulfilling careers. The latest iteration of our teacher scholarship not only supports classroom initiatives, but also professional development aims. The latest version of our student scholarships will support engaging, career & academic exploration activities like the CRI Design Lab.

Our 2017 Teacher Scholarship was awarded to Daphne Hill. There may be more opportunities for near West Cook teachers & students to apply for CRI scholarships soon, dependent on donations.